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Hi, my name's Grae.

I teach mindful posture and movement, and I help people with chronic pain and other body stuff.

I'd truly love to help you get along better with your body.

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A Little More About Me

I believe that you (and everyone else) deserve to know how your brain and body work in practical ways that let you feel, move, and live better. I do not have all the answers, but since 2016 I have worked with many hundreds of people to figure their answers out, including folks living with many forms of chronic pain as well as people who depend professionally on their bodies such as actors, dancers, and athletes. I'm also experienced working with trauma in the body, and I've taught movement at a dozen or so universities and conservatories.

Prior to that, I studied human development, learning, and functioning across a range of disciplines, including anthropology, education, psychology, neuroscience, and anatomy. I also spent three years training full time to become a nationally certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, which is at the core of how I work with people.

Alexander Technique is a transformative method of learning to reintegrate mind and body shown to be both more effective and longer lasting than other interventions, including physical therapy, for at least some types of chronic pain, because it gives you the tools to change your habits. One person I worked with described it as couple's counseling for your body, and I like that description.

Personally, I lived with severe chronic neck and shoulder pain for years, beginning in my early 20's, due (I now understand) to hypermobility. Like many people, after some failed attempts to address it, I came to believe I might be broken and that it would be all further downhill as I got older. I manage this so well now that I no longer think of myself as living with chronic pain, but it took entirely too long to get there, and it's one reason I am passionate about this -- and why I'll never bullshit you about it. I've been there.

As for a little about my personal life, I'm neurospicy and queer. I'm an obsessive gardener and home orchardist with around 70 fruit trees/shrubs at last count. I live with two young daughters, five chickens, two cats, and a wonderful wife who works in women's health. I've also performed, taught, and directed improvisational theater for almost 20 years (which honestly I don't feel old enough to say, though I did get an early start).

I truly hope that what I have to offer might help you.

Schedule a consultation or follow-up appointment with me!

Appointments are ~55 minutes long and held as a private video call over Zoom. You'll tell me your story, and we'll work together right away on whatever problems you need help with.

You'll have definite, practical things to take immediately away, and we'll also figure out a longer-term plan that makes sense for you.

You'll also receive written notes, stored on my client website, so you don't have to worry about remembering everything.

If the consultation does not meet your expectations, I will happily return your payment.

Please note that if you have an acute injury, you should seek medical care; I generally assist people with recurring or ongoing concerns.

I currently have availability on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, with day and evening hours, Pacific time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out using the form below or e-mailing me directly at "graeson at thismighthelp dot us."

Sliding Scale Pricing


You are welcome to pick what makes sense for you from the three pricing options below. At the reduced rate, my expenses and a minimum wage are covered. At the benefactor rate, you're helping me to be able to continue to offer reduced rates.

Please be assured that I will treat you no different regardless of the option you choose, and you absolutely do not have to explain yourself to me.

I also understand that even the reduced rate is out of reach for some people. If that's you, please reach out to me with the contact form below as I do sometimes have a limited number of scholarship/pay-what-you-can spaces open.

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You can also e-mail me directly at "graeson at thismighthelp dot us."

Please note that I am unable to offer specific advice via e-mail. If you are looking for help specific to your situation, please schedule a consultation.

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